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When you finance equipment


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Truck loans, machinery loans and other business finance are designed to suit you.

You’ll get the equipment you need to run and grow your business at a competitive interest rate and affordable payment plan. RTF are equipment finance specialists.

And we can get you a loan fast, normally within 24 hours. We have access to over 20 financial institutions and are rated in the top 10 finance brokers.

Interested in saving money?

We can provide a ‘no obligation’ review of your current financing arrangements.

We provide the finance expertise to let you get on with your business. Would you like a no obligation review of your current finance arrangements? What’s the worst that could happen, we may just save you some money!

Flexible finance

RTF operate across the full range of finance products. We can provide commercial hire purchase, finance lease, chattel mortgage, insurance premium funding, novated or operating lease.

Finance for just about any purpose

We have over 60 years of combined experience providing truck and trailer loans, so we know the needs of owner/drivers and company operators.

But it’s not just trucks and trailers we finance; we can arrange a loan for just about any piece of business equipment. While we have particular expertise in transport industry finance, we can also provide loans for:

Loaders, tractors, skid steer, graders or other earthmoving equipment

Passenger cars, taxis and four wheel drives

Fork lifts, conveyors, shelving systems, mills, saws and all manufacturing equipment

Residential or commercial property

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