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At RTF, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your business & develop the right solutions for you. We offer a wide range of finance services to the Sydney area to suit your needs. We have had over 14 years of experience working within the finance industry and can assist you with whatever needs you have.

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We help people grow their business through our financial services Sydney. With over 60 years of combined experience providing truck and trailer loans, we know the needs of owner/drivers and company operators.

But it’s not just trucks and trailers we finance; we can arrange a loan for just about any piece of business equipment. While we have particular expertise in transport industry finance, we can also provide loans for earthmoving equipment, manufacturing equipment, cars and taxis and property finance.

Financial Services Sydney
Transport Finance Sydney

Transport Finance Sydney

RTF has been involved with the transport industry for over 14 years. We understand the issues unique to the industry to deliver high-quality, personalised transport equipment finance.

RTF’s ability to network customers to trade suppliers, accountants industry related bodies, clients to clients, have proven to be successful in delivering results for our clients.

We work with a range of clients including large interstate transport companies, livestock and container transport, concrete, manufacturing and customs, waste businesses, courier businesses, produce businesses, owner and driver businesses and partnership businesses.

Equipment Finance

We finance cranes, bulldozers, forklifts, tractors, skip bins, manufacturing equipment, computers, telephone/radio systems.

If you need Commercial Hire Purchase, Finance Lease, Rental/Operating Lease or Chattel Mortgage ring RTF- we can put together an application over the phone and usually get an answer within 24 hours.

Equipment finance Sydney is great to help you manage your cashflow, get access to new technologies and gorw your business with greater flexibility.

Equipment Finance Sydney
Property Finance Sydney

Property Finance

Our experienced team are able to assist you with any commercial property or residential property finance needs including buying your first home, loans to purchase investment property, refinancing your current loan or property acquisition loans.

We are a member of Professional Lenders Association Network of Australia (PLAN) which provides accreditations with most traditional banks and numerous non-conforming lenders or non-bank lenders.

We can provide commercial loans for retail spaces, buildings, industrial spaces, office spaces, shopping centres and warehouses.

Transactional & Split Banking

Our large network of commercial bank lenders in Sydney gives us the ability to reorganise your banking in a way that suits your needs and gives you financial freedom.

Transactional Banking means that while your mortgage and investments are with one lender, your day-to-day general transactions are with another. Split baking means that “all your eggs are not in one basket” or tied up with just one bank. 

Transactional Banking Sydney
Refinancing Sydney


Our team is able to help you with any of your Sydney refinancing needs. A financial product that you had 5 years ago may not be best meeting your needs currently.

If you need to refinance your current contract, residual or balloon payment or current mortgage, RTF is able to help you out.

This can be a great option for you to seek out cheaper interest rates, the potential for rebates, consolidate your debts and have a lower monthly repayment.

Insurance Services

One of our financial services Sydney our team is able to provide is insurance services helping you to gain financial freedom and control of your fleet. We take the worry out of lump sum payments by providing Insurance Premium funding over 10-12 months. This allows you to budget your premium repayments and easing the strain of cashflow.

We have a network of insurance brokers, helping you with your:

  • Motor Vehicle Fleet
  • Public and Professional Liability
  • Trucks and Heavy Equipment
  • Luxury Cars and Boats
Insurance Services Sydney
Vehicle Sourcing Sydney

Vehicle Sourcing

Vehicle Sourcing can be a time consuming and complex thing for business owners to do. Our team has extensive experience in the trucking industry and knows how difficult it can be to find the equipment that is best suited to you.

We can help you source your choice of vehicle in Sydney with our network of truck and heavy equipment dealers, auctioneers, commercial lenders and repossessioners.

Private Sale Transaction

A private sale transaction is when the supplier or the vendor of the equipment you are purchasing, is not a registered dealer in that type of equipment.

The most important thing to remember with private sale transactions, is to ensure that there is a proof of purchase that comes with the equipment as well as inspection

Private Sales Sydney
Sale and Lease Back Sydney

Sale and Hire Back

The sale and hire back of equipment involves you selling the equipment you have and then leasing this back from the person you sold it to. This is great for Sydney businesses as it helps you to budget and is very flexible. 

This is subject to the equipment being purchased within 6 months of the transaction date.

We provide a range of financial services to the wider Sydney area, helping you to gain financial freedom so you can focus on you and your business. Contact us to see how we can help you with one of our financial services.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I have worked closely with Graeme Latta and the team at RTF as their accountants for a number of years.

Having worked together on a number of mutual clients during this time, I have been impressed with their level of service and industry knowledge.

I have referred clients to RTF in the past and would not hesitate to do so again in the future as I know that they will be well looked after.

David Gatt

Partner, Vantage Partners Chartered Accountants

Although our headquarters are located in the Hunter Region, RTF has looked after our finance requirements for 10 years.

Graeme Latta has a well regarded network of clients and suppliers who have greatly assisted our organisation.

The dedication and knowledge of our industry is the cornerstone to the success of RTF today.

Joseph Sepos

Managing Director, Sepos Group

RTF Financial Services are a part of the S3F Group

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